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Our new offering, Coffee of the month! Each month we will select our coffee of the month, we have over a dozen coffees available so over a 12 month period you will never get the same coffee twice. Our selection of coffees available are from all over the world, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rawanda, Colombia to name but a few. Simply sign up for a subscription frequency that suits you, and we’ll do the rest.

Note all deliveries of the coffee of the month will be the same coffee, for example if you order 2 bags per month you’ll get the same coffee in each bag.

Our Coffee of the month for October is Cuba Serrano Lavado

This coffee is grown in the central region of the island Cuba. The landscape is just beautiful with its hills and plateaus of Escambray that are also called “Crystal Mountains”. This name comes from the soil rich of crystals and quartz in this area.  

A well balanced, with a note of tobacco and herbs. You can also perceive a little acid, well balanced with a nice sweetness and a chocolaty aftertaste.

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