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Crave Coffee of the Month for the month of May 2024 is the Bolivia Arcangel.

The Bolivia is a washed coffee of the Caturra variety with a Speciality Coffee Association rating of 85+. The tasting Notes are cherry and yellow apple with a delicate finish. The location of the coffee is Bolinda, Caranavi.

The El Arcángel farm was planted in 2015 and had its first harvest in 2017. One of the things that’s unique about the farm is that the red and yellow caturras were grown separately from the other varieties so that the distinctive qualities of each are preserved and highlighted in each lot. The farm gets its name from an unusually large and majestic tree that sits at the highest point of the farm appearing to observe the land from on high, resembling the protector archangel. The coffee was planted here in such a way that leads to harmonious growth and harvesting practices. It is felt to be a place of great peace; an oasis that exudes beauty and tranquillity as if watched over by a divine presence.

Cupping Score: 85+


Each month we will select our coffee of the month, we have over a dozen coffees available so over a 12 month period you will never get the same coffee twice. Our selection of coffees available are from all over the world, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rawanda, Colombia to name but a few.

Each coffee of the month will be roasted to our own unique profile. We pride ourselves and developing a roast profile that brings out the absolute best in the beans, with the perfect tasting notes. Roasted to order to offer the perfect bloom that only a freshly roasted coffee can produce.

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